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You can’t write a life, only the story of a life, which will always be less than, and not-it.” – MC

Writing and Memory

There’s something else involved in terms of the actual writing, and memory, it depends how exactly we write. But first, with memory, when remembering the past, when thinking back, we tend to clump matters, like around events, ages, places, people. Typically when remembering the past we remember these clumps, or summations, overviews etc. Seldom do we remember moment-to-moment as it happened. Thus, our memories are that story, usually. The story is the clumping, the aggregating, the compression and condensing. But it’s not the full story, not even close.
Immersive Recounting of Memorable Events and Significant Experiences
Our memories tend to be organised around time, people, places, for the most part. Then there are the outliers, those Memorable Events or Significant Experiences, [ME and SE(E), most apt since they connect to individuality and new perception and Awareness.] These are memories of a different kind, tending to stay with us in different ways, surfacing into remembrance every now and then, with a type of subtle pressure to be more fully remembered.  Most just remember these remembrances like they do regular memories, in that aggregated way, resulting in their coming back another time. However…

Immersive Recounting

If we immerse into those Memorable Events, if we go inside the Significant Experiences, and *relive* them as fully as we can, especially if we do so starting with the understanding there’s More to them than we believe we remember, something magical happens. This particularly applies when writing out this detailed recounting, as writing not only slows the process down, enabling that More to surface, but, when writing, we move matters from inside of ourselves, to outside. A different conception is engaged. Much the same as when we have an internal position and the moment we begin expression, it changes, and often loses sensibility, logic or coherency. What we *believe* we know and what we *actually* know are often, or even usually, not the same. Internally we tend to fill in the gaps with assumed or believed sleight-of-mind. A trick of conception which usually vanishes when we write something out or even talk it out. Talking though does not as easily allow for the natural editing which takes place when writing. Moving from think-we-know, to accurate, complete, coherency is a process of compilation, whereby typically we bring disparate elements or components residing in different parts of the brain-mind into a unified coherency. Applying this process to our Memorable Events and Significant Experiences is transformative. Those special memories keep surfacing because they are asking to be remembered thoroughly, remembered in detail, remembered with much more of self involved than how we typically remember. If we engage those memories with a full moment-to-moment Immersion, especially if we write it out, and are scrupulously thorough, recounting absolutely everything, the magic surfaces, We discover there’s a whole lot More to these particular memories than we remembered. We encounter new insights, new perspectives, new understandings and new Awarenesses which weren’t part of what we thought we knew or remembered. This is why those memories keep coming back, because there’s More to them, much More. When we engage in this Immersive Recounting we come to a new Place-of-Being, a state of resolution, of integration, and incorporation of personal coherency. It’s like we have finally Learned and become Aware of what we needed to from those special memories. The result is a freeing of energy, along with all the other benefits of adding to our Awareness. The remembering of these memories also changes, no longer do they have that subtle pressure, we are released from needing to deal with it and move on, more complete with ourselves.
Immersive Recounting of Memorable Events and Significant Experiences

Personal Transformation

Just to be clear, these Memorable Events or Significant Experiences can be anything, and combination of positive or not. They are meaningful in ways we do not see or are aware of with our un-detailed memory of them. The Immersive Recounting brings our Me-of-Then into alignment with the Me-of-Now, as we now have the tools of conception, such as vocabulary, with which to bring understandings and awarenesses present then, but not clearly, into full cognition, and thus into greater utilisability and personal value. A profound experience when engaged with the fullness of ourselves. In this way, we can write a life, at least those segments which are these special memories, because the very act of writing in such an immersed detailed way, is a re-living, the act-of-writing the vehicle for that re-living which integrates memory and current experiencing of memory into a completeness. A connection to More which is transformative. Nobelia.org
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