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Mood Management

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Biella was asked: “You talk of the New Nobility being focused on just *Being.* But what do they *Do,* to just Be?”

“Mood Management,” Biella simply said. She looked over to her Dear and glorious Friend and stated, “There comes a time in the life of a New Noble when they shift from living a personal life.”

“What other kind of life is there?”

Biella explained, “They take on Life as an Agent of the Universe….”

“And then the exquisite Dance begins….the Dance of Power, the Dance of Joy… the Dance of Freedom. For it is a Dance of Control, a Dance of Responsibility. A Dance of Awareness and Attention.

In this Dance we take up the task of Managing the Mood of the Universe, of the World, and everything in it. It is a stupendous undertaking. It is an impossibility, and yet we try. We Dance and Dance like never before. We never relent in our Dance of Joy, in our Dance of Cheer, in our Dance of Positivity. It is our Task, our Task to be Good, to set the Tone, to supply the Mood. Our personal feelings become irrelevant. We have undertaken the most sublime challenge possible, the challenge of…” Biella broke off.

“The challenge of….? Don’t stop there…”

Being Good

Biella had a faraway look on her face. A look of Connection, a look of Grace. “It’s the Challenge of a Lifetime. It’s the Challenge to always be our best, to always be the most Appropriate we can be, in any and all contexts. And what’s Appropriate? What can we be sure of as always being Appropriate? Goodness, of course. But doing what’s Good is difficult to know. However, *Feeling* Good we know contributes to the Goodness of the World, the Goodness of Everything. If we are contributing to the Feeling of Goodness wherever we are, we are adding to the Goodness of the World. What a challenge…” Biella breathed, shivered, feeling the complexity of her thoughts.

“We affect the World around us with how we Feel. Every feeling and mood we put out affects those around us. Their feelings and moods in turn affect others. Every single one of us can thus be the butterfly sneeze that causes the typhoon. The Typhoon of Positivity and Goodness. Simply by *Being* Good. By *Feeling* Good. This is the only *Doing* that is needed. The only *doing Good* we *can* do without assumption. Anything else is a presumption. The New Nobility take this responsibility seriously.”

“But…” the questioner faltered.

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“Yes, there are many many buts. It’s no simple task to take on this responsibility of Mood Management. It involves Being Impeccable…” Biella left off as if explaining more was too much. She drifted into an Immersion, allowing it to take full hold of her, “I remember a time,” Biella said, “It seems so long ago now. When Eluminia and I first encountered the concept of Mood Management, of being an Agent of the Universe. Eluminia had been on a trip with someone, and…let’s just say…Mood Management was a challenge. We had chatted via the comm.” Biella went back into the immersion, seeing it from the outside…

She had said, “…and be resolute Angel,” insisting ever so slightly, “Scrupulous.”

Eluminia replied, “Feel a bit sad about no longer having a personal… However, excited about being an Agent of the Universe.”

“It’s there, the personal, it just has a different scope for expression. But it becomes much more special when the opportunities present….”

“I guess a Princess of the Universe is an Agent of the Universe.”

Ethical Responsibility

Biella laughed, “…it makes it all worthwhile. As does Being an Agent of the Universe. It is a most special charge. One requiring the full use of all our skills and all our integrity. And constant attention of course. But above all being an Agent of the Universe requires Ethics!!! And yes, a Princess is a Special Agent!”

She added, “It’s always the moods of others which are paramount. An Agent has to be a Paragon. It’s really fun being an Agent. As always, always, an Agent is engaged in the distribution of Good.”

Eluminia responded, “I wanted to say in terms of Mood Management, watching the beginnings especially closely is critical. One has to nip in the bud at all costs any start of a mood which threatens internally. It’s only then, in those early stages, that we really have any control.”

Biella, “Absolutely. And in terms of your specific interaction, if one sets the mood of Positivity, Trust, togetherness, closeness, solidarity, communion, and of being a unit, any other options become impossible. That’s the key of it all. To broadcast and radiate the moods and attitudes we want. That broadcast prevents any other options. Just Trust and see. Extrapolate Positively.”

“Definitely- I feel good. Anticipating”

“You ARE Good. Always. Never forget that. You are connecting to your Power. The Power of making the World Good and better by you being Good and happy through your Mood Management.”


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Unpresumed Goodness

Biella elaborated, “I have been thinking much about this, the finer points of it. I see it as essential, also from the New Nobility perspective, that Mood Management is never seen as something which is forced or foisted, or in any other way put upon people. It comes about more from not being able to do the opposite.”

“Since moods, attitudes and perspectives, thus our very Beings, are contagious, we have the Ethical Responsibility to not infect the World with negativity. It’s about not being negative. Positivity is our only option. So we are not going around trying to “sell” Positivity. It is just the way we are to BE. And, it’s: Not-Negative.”

“Understanding this prevents us from presuming what is good for others. All we can do when we take this all into account is *BE* what is Good. We know this will affect the world around us Positively and that’s great, but it is never a forced perspective. Part of our Positivity is Freedom. And Positivity laced with freedom of choice is certainly much easier to deal with than negativity in any form. The one adds energy with which to make choices, the other subtracts energy.”

“It’s a profound responsibility. And like everything, has to be applied with Awareness. If not, we can easily spread types of Positivity when that’s not desirable, such as condoning or enabling. So it forces us to be continuously Deliberately Aware. Which is our goal in terms of Freedom.

Mood Management is a fantastic mechanism thus for Leveraging our Awareness, for keeping it constantly in play. For Leveraging us to be continuously paying Attention. We know how easy it is to become immersed in anything. Mood Management leverages our Goodness, giving purpose to every single second of Being. To live knowing we are continuously doing GOOD and adding to the Goodness of the World simply by *Being* our Goodness, is Awesome indeed. It’s truly a Way to Live.”

“Mood is energy dependant. I don’t necessarily see it as an ethical obligation to be “happy”, but, since moods, attitudes, and perceptions are infections, it’s certainly our ethical duty to be *Not-Negative.*”

“And…” Eluminia prompted.

Positive Sobriety

“And there’s a ‘mood’ that’s not happy, but neither is it miserable or unhappy. It’s the Mood of Positivity. Resolute Positivity. It is a mood of Sobriety, and it’s a low energy requirement mood, therefore an excellent option when all else is not lining up. It’s simply a commitment to Positivity with all the realism attached. Not optimism necessarily, but simply an insistence on the Trust that Things Will Work Out, despite not seeing how. Thus a choice of Sensibility. A choice we make when we don’t have the energy to consider options. A retreat option as well as a go-to option. This Resolute Positivity can be combined with happiness, joy and enthusiasm, or not. A most excellent Mood I have found.”

Shifting gears, Biella suddenly asked, “Are you feeling the Power?”

“What do you mean?”

“When we take upon ourselves the Task and Responsibility of Mood Management we empower ourselves. We are suddenly in charge of our lives and of how we feel. Not only that, but we are also in charge of adding to the Goodness of the World. When we engage in Mood Management we have decided that the Infection of Negativity stops with us. We have taken on the Task of refusing to pass on the Infection of Negativity. We will no longer be part of the negativity infection cycle. We will no longer contribute to adding to the Infection of Negativity. This is empowering, knowing our every action, our every effort of Mood Management, is contributing to the Good of the World. We don’t have to go around spreading cheer or always being happy, all we have to do is refuse to be negative. This is a powerful self-knowledge, and empowering. It’s a joy to know we are doing good every second of our engagement in Mood Management.”

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Feeling the World

“Are you feeling the Power?” Biella asked again. “Your Power, the power of being in charge, the power of determining Mood, the Power of maintaining it, the Power of making things right, of making things good, the Power of not letting things slip into negativity. The power of being Impeccable with your Mood, with your energy, and with your Positivity. Do you feel how you are making a difference? Do you feel the Ethics of it, the Goodness of *Being* Good, and through that, doing good all the time?”

Biella sighed a deep sigh of the most profound Love. Love for the World, Love for her friends, Love for everyone, Love for everything, and said: “A deliberate choice to be Unrelentingly Positive is the Ultimate Charity.” She smiled. That radiant glorious Grace-infused smile of hers. Eluminia returned the smile, adding ellumination to the Grace. And for the friends, all was right in the World.

The End.


It is Imperative that we let our goodness find its own way out into the World. The minute we “Push” it out, we add an Intent. An Intent that says in essence, “I believe this is good for you. (others)” And that is a presumption, no matter how tiny it is. Only the Universe has access to the information to push that out. And look how the Universe does it. Always in a way where we still have to put it together for ourselves. To presume to be able to “push” in that kind of way is just preposterous.” – Biella Noble. From: Addendums and Afterthoughts

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