For me, the Grand Story is always our own Journey and we are the authors. The goal, the mission, is the Development and Enhancement of Awareness. Always the common theme for all. It’s the mission of the Universe, which conspires with us on this Adventure. We cannot of course give ourselves direct instruction for Developing and Enhancing Awareness, then it would be programming, so we have to help ourselves indirectly.

This Purpose is the essence of every Story, every mission, every journey. It’s the way it all works, everything is geared toward Awareness, and we have to figure it out for ourselves. But we’re helped at every turn and corner. Everything, absolutely everything, is geared to facilitate and aid this purpose. Every situation, every event, every happenstance, no matter how trivial, is aimed at this end. It’s incredible, and it’s why most do not perceive this marvel, as it’s often beyond the awesome threshold.

This Awareness Enhancement and Development process is transferred from self to children. It’s as if the DNA carries this imperative within it, and that imperative is now with the child. We are either going to make the attempt at Awareness ourselves, or if not, pass the drive on to our children, and through them, attain it for DNA. But, at some point someone has to complete the task, obtain the goal. It can be any one of us, if we so choose, if we so focus our lives. It’s up to us.

The problem with missions is we don’t realise all our life-tasks, our goals, aims and ambitions, are all subservient to the Enhancement of Awareness Purpose. These sub-paths are simply ways to get us started, to provide motivation. It’s kind of a trick of the Universe. But once we become aware of the Grand Mission, it all falls into place and everything makes sense. Everything is there for our benefit, everything is exactly what we need at our point of Awareness, what exactly we need to learn. The world and our path, our story, our mission, is all custom-tailored to exactly what we individually need to learn and become Aware of. In this aspect, the World does indeed revolve around us.

Flexible Fluidity

Problems on this Path come when we get stuck in sub-missions and mistake them for the true mission. This is when we lose motivation and suffer from frustration and stress. For underneath we always know the superficial is just exactly that, superficial. If we have maxed the learning from that particular mission or situation, it’s time to move on. If we aren’t fully immersed, fully imbibing the magic of the incredibleness, it means we aren’t where we need to be. We are reluctant to change, but that’s what it’s all about, acquiring the ability to change, to be able to change and flow and adapt, with ease and speed.

When we think back to the magic of our childhoods, how everything was a wonder and exciting, we forget that as children we could move instantly to the next thing, whatever it was. We could be fully immersed in something and if a new input came our way which superseded, we would simply drop whatever and move on. No fuss, just fluid adaptability. No agonising over change, we simply shifted with the Appropriateness of it.

Specifically For Us

If we set-up our lives strategically, in such a way where we can shift and flow as much as possible, we can then get back to that full immersion in perpetual magic. For it is there, it’s always been there. It’s in fact more magical and marvellous than we were able to perceive as children, when we start to look at the world as the perfect school that it is. It’s a school, or mechanism which is intimately attuned to each and every individual. It’s geared to give us exactly and precisely what we need and want, as long as our needs and wants are in Attunement with the Grand Theme, which is the Development and Enhancement of Awareness. Once we do this, it all flows.

Much of our learning and growing involves un-learning. A key perspective and Understanding. We have to start at zero when it comes to Developing and Enhancing Awareness. But we also need something to get us going on our Path, and thus we have childhoods and society and convention. None of them are ideal. This lack of ideal is by design. When we start to perceive the flaws, if we are true to ourselves and self-honest, we will seek alternatives. That’s how we get onto the Path of Awareness. It’s a marvellous setup we can use to take a shortcut to sensibility and Enhancing our Awareness, simply by turning convention upside down. Almost always the opposite of convention, or somewhere in the vicinity of opposite, as we personally have come to perceive it, is the best thing for us. Unhooking from “shoulds and shouldn’ts” thus is incredibly liberating.

At some point we have to realise we have to take full Responsibility for our own lives. In that Assumption of Responsibility we also have to accept that ultimately we alone are the final authority of what is best for ourselves. Yes, the Universe is set-up to provide the maximum amount of AID by way of hints, suggestions, and clues, but we in the end have to make the final decision.

Self-Correcting System

But the wonder of it all is, that if we make any decision Impeccably, then it’s impossible to make a mistake. No matter what we do, if done impeccably, which means using our energy in the best possible way and making sure our motivations are true, which really means our motivation is the Development and Enhancement of our Awareness, then no matter what we decide, the world and the Universe will conspire to make that decision work out for the best. It’s stupendous how this works.

We have to Trust. We have to Trust ourselves and the mechanism of it all. The Mechanism which is Life, is the Universe. A mechanism geared to aiding us in the Development and Enhancement of our Awareness. We have to do the enhancing and developing ourselves, but everything else is geared to assisting us. The key is at some point to accept the truth that we are in fact saying: “I am going to be the one that says what is right for me! I am the ONLY one who in the end can say so! I am going to be saying, if I have to: “I am right when it comes to me, even if it seems the entire world is wrong.”

This is an essential perspective to develop. To have this perspective and stance in full humility. The humility which incorporates the thorough Awareness of just exactly how little we know, how minuscule our Understanding is in comparison to the Universe, and at the same time, to insist on what is right for us even if it is at odds with the “wisdom” of the world. For the ‘wisdom” of the world is aimed at the aggregate, and no-one, no-one at all, is ever an aggregate. It never fits, and that’s why turning convention upside down is such an illuminating exercise.

Overall Sensibility

The point of Enhancing Awareness is so we are better able to be Appropriate. The better we become at being Appropriate the better we are able to adapt, to shift, to flow, to maximise, to enjoy, to revel and relish in the Awesomeness of Life. The greater our ability to be Appropriate, the greater our Freedom. This is what it’s all about.

But to be free, we need Awareness, the more the better, and not just any old awareness, we need Enhanced Awareness. The Enhancement of Awareness leads to greater Appropriateness, which enables us, empowers us, and thus leads us to greater and greater freedom. Greater ability to enjoy, for Joy is an Ultimate Accomplishment. When we have attained the ability to be Appropriate, in all contexts, we can choose Joy, no matter the situation, and that’s truly a worthwhile mission.

Appropriate Awareness goes beyond Joy, the ability to be Appropriate is also the ultimate survival strategy. As it’s becoming Attuned to the Universe. This Grand Attunement to the greater Flow-of-Life allows us to maximise our energy, to always be doing the “right” thing, right in terms of what is best for us, and as such it’s always awesome, for we become Appropriate not only within the small confines of our individual circumstances, but also within the ultimate context of the Universe, and then it’s all awesomeness, everything is in-tune, we are Appropriate in all circumstances and time-frames.


Once we are Attuned, once we Understand how it all works, once we fully accept and comprehend it’s all about the Development and Enhancement of Awareness, we can look back at our lives with this perspective, and then it all falls into place. When we look back at our past dramas, at the events and happenings along our growth-journey from the perspective of what happened as being best, best in terms of providing us the opportunity to become more Aware, the randomness and luck disappears, and we see the incredible magic of it all. Everything was for our benefit, and still is. Doesn’t matter when we learn what we need to learn, then or now, as long as we learn, that’s all that matters.

It all starts with the realisation that everything, every single thing, in our individual lives, is geared towards the Development and Enhancement of our Personal Awareness. Everything happens for a GOOD reason, not just any old reason, and that Good Purpose is for the growth of our Awareness. May not always be the only factor involved, but there’s always a Good lesson involved. Finding those understandings and insights is actually our Life’s Mission, our Life’s Story, and absolutely everything is focused on this, on helping us in this, aiding us. All we have to do is enjoy the Journey, enjoy the magic of the Game, relish the mysteries, delight in figuring it all out, make that bit of effort to Learn, then we are on our way, and Life becomes Living.

Meaning and Purpose of Life

Living is a Magical Adventure, where everything has significance, everything has meaning, everything is Attuned to our greater needs, the needs of our spirit. We are the authors of our own Story, and the author part of ourselves is always writing a Story which is the most awesome possible. All we have to do is perceive in the Appropriate context, which is everything that happens has a GOOD reason in it somewhere. Everything which happens to us is for the Good reason of Developing and Enhancing our Awareness in some way, for enabling us to be more Appropriate, for Empowering us toward maximum Freedom. Once we embrace the glory of Learning and Growth, then Life transforms into an Adventure specifically designed for us. And we come to realise  the World is a description, and we individually are the ones doing the describing. to begin your own customised Life Adventure.

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