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Which is more preferable of the two, mindfulness or training your brain to think positive in every situation?

Dear Questioner, ideally we would like to have both. However, if we think about mindfulness a bit, would mindfulness not automatically be positive, or contain Positivity? We could be extremely positive but be immersed in a bubble of positivity, while good within itself, could make us unaware of what could be detrimental to us.

Having an overwhelmingly positive mindset does not mean we don’t see the full scope of what we perceive. The difference is in how we react to what we perceive, how we interpret it, how it motivates us, stimulates us, inspires us. The key lies not in positivity alone, but in Appropriate Positivity. Which really, is Mindfulness, again, Appropriate Mindfulness.

The moment we add in Appropriateness, Positivity becomes mindful and mindfulness becomes positive. As well as sensible, strategic, discerning etc. What we might aim for, in terms of a perspective, is to use our Mindfulness to leverage our Positivity by looking at whatever we encounter and whatever situation we find ourselves in from the viewpoint of how what’s at hand can be made to be Useful and Valuable. this is the magic of both mindfulness and positivity, they are Tools of Perspective. When we develop the ability to Shift perspective, especially deliberately, and see Multiple Perspectives, that’s when we see more opportunities that we might otherwise have not. That’s when we can extract opportunity, Value and Usefulness.

The issue is not what things are, they are what they are, it’s what we do with them that matters. Mindfulness allows us to be aware of what is there, and who we are in relation to it all, while positivity allows us to maintain motivation When we use the one to leverage the other, that’s when we see More, connect to More, and extract More than we otherwise would, especially when we also leverage the incredible power and magic of Appropriateness.


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