Capital U Understanding

Capital U Understanding

Podcast: https://Anchor.fm/Nobelia Agree and Disagree We almost would like to ban the usage of Agree and Disagree. But not really. Seriously though, when we avoid using those, when we instead are focused on

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News etc.

Today’s the Day!

Our current book; Overcoming and Understanding Today’s BullSh!t  is at the publisher. Now the fun begins. Sharing, Interacting and Connecting regarding the book contents and related matters as well as all the Launch

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On Reverence

“There is a certain reverence to encountering another’s heart; the spoken and unspoken parts…” – EDeN Reverence is a Power. It’s a mood, it goes to so much More. It’s a feeling, a

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"Are narcissists predictable?" - Featured image
Bullsh!t & BMNs

“Are Narcissists Predictable?”

Podcast: https://anchor.fm/nobelia “Are narcissists predictable?“ Self-Obsessive They are, extremely so. A key perspective to remember about narcissists is that they are also obsessives. Their obsession with self-promotion makes them thoroughly predictable.  Everything they do

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